Passport strength

Do you know how strong is your passport? 
You can find it out through this cool link!


Photo of the day: an arabian couple in Riyadh

Travelling for work sometimes can be really boring and exhausting. No time for tourism, 24/7 with colleagues and definitely a lot of work.
BUT in the case they send you to a country you believed you would never be able to go alone, it changes everything! 
Since Monday me and my colleagues are in Saudi Arabia. Being my first time to an arabic country, I am so fascinated by the culture, the rules, the discrimination between men and women, the wealth, the architecture and I cannot imagine what I am going to discover next..
So fingers crossed for a full taste of Riyadh and arabian culture! 


Caltanissetta: the heart of Sicily

If we consider the island of Sicily as a triangle heart, then we can say that Caltanissetta is its heart since it is located in the centre of it.
Although not very known, not very touristic, neither popular among foreigners, Caltanissetta gives home to more or less 60.000 Sicilians. The city is not big at all for the number of its inhabitants, neither is as developed as it should have been. It is mostly old and ruined since the local government does not have the resources to renovate or restore the city. But this is kind of its beauty. 
The sense of an old, traditional Sicilian city: narrow streets and laundry outstretched :)

One interesting thing about Caltanissetta is that many young people live there and they are quite active in their society, working against racism or being anarchists or environmentally concerned. Whatever it is, they are really passionate and struggle about their beliefs.
While my stay there, I had the chance to mix up with the local community. 
There was actually nothing touristic to see there, unless you consider the whole city as a museum. 
Some photos around the rainy city:

Our lovely hotel: Antichi Ricordi in historic centre

It was raining heavily for days so part of the street fell down!

A walk at the open market with our Senegalese and Kenyan friends was really fun! 

Pomodori siciliani

The hippest restaurant/bar in the city: Tra Parentesi

Garibaldi square: the main one

La Dolce Vita


Athens urban adventures

Marketing can often be bothering, annoying or even insulting. However sometimes can be cool. This is my story, about how Cutty Sark used the tools of marketing to promote its brand among athenian youngsters. The company found a very interesting and clever way to gather groups of people by organizing alternative guided tours in the streets of Athens, calling them "urban adventures". And then of course making parties.
So, every Sunday, in a different location a new alternative tour (aka urban adventure) takes place and we have the chance to discover hidden gems in our own city!
Our tour was held around Syntagma and within this residential anarchy we could see art and beauty. This evanescent art - and I say evanescent because graffity one day is there, the other there is a new one over it- gave us the opportunity to learn about the greek street artists and see their work. The walls of our city is a big canvas and sometimes we do not even realize it. 
Here is a small amount of this -literally everywhere- urban art: 


Farewell 2014: What a year! Hello 2015!

2014 you were an amazing year! 
You had everything we needed to appreciate life, friends, family and what we have achieved so far. We will keep in our hearts the amazing adventures we created during your days. One of my biggest dreams became reality this year, our attendance to Coachella festival and our road trip to California, which is so far the best trip I've ever had in my life and a lifetime experience. 
As I read somewhere, 2015 is a book with blank pages and it is in our hands to write what we want and make it a bestseller!! 
Happy new year with bigger dreams and bigger expectations!!

Here is a year's recap with the highlights of each month:
January, you were not cold enough, fortunately for us, as we became farmers this month in order to take care our family cottage. Our contact with nature and with each other was the best present to start this year!

In February we took part in the best carnival in Athens, at Metaxourgeio where everybody gets crazy and is having pure, unconditional fun. No seperate groups, all the carnival is a group!
March was the month that made us realize that Athens is becoming the new Berlin! Projects and urban culture is huge here, you just have to look a bit more carefully sometimes..

April what can I say about you, you've been one of the best months this year, you were the chosen one to realise our biggest dream (and trip) so far! 
LA - Santa Barbara - San Fransisco - San Jose - Las Vegas - Grand Canyon - Palm Springs - Coachella Festival - San Diego - Coronado Island - La Jolla - Long Beach - Los Angeles - Malibu - Santa Monica.

May you make Athens blossom and it feels so good!

June was about concerts and friends!!

On July we celebrated our 3 years anniversary, which came with an amazing photofreak present! Our annual date with "Up Festival" in Koufonissi island marked the beginning of our holiday season.

On August we made it for another year to Epidavrus Theater Festival and after cult-ure we visited the famous cult disco Capaki! 
Plus a Polish-greek wedding took place in a village close to Gdansk and gave us (apart from great joy) the chance to roadtrip northern Poland and pass a night as Royals in Warsaw!

On September we experienced a greek-indian wedding in the island of Mykonos and we visited our most loved island of Cyclades, Tinos.
Each year, October is my month! It is the month of my birthday. This year I became 31 and I moved in with my boyfriend, had my first tattoo and became a bit more wiser and mature #not.

On November I visited for the firts time Thesaloniki International Film Festival and I promised to myself I will return every year to feel the vibe of the festival and experience the city's amazing life! 

We closed the year with the best way ever, and I don't mean the Santa Run. But this was one of the highlights and we were so happy to be part of it!!


Santas came to town

It's been already almost two weeks since the first Santa Run at the city of Athens. But christmas days are always busy so that's why this post is a liiiiiittle late. 
Santa Run is an annual tradition in many cities around the world. In Greece it was taking place for 4 years now in the magical city of Chania in the island of Crete but never in Athens. So, Athenian people were craving for it, and that's why 800 Santas run!
The route was 2,5k around Syntagma square beginning and ending at City Link, at the most central area of the city.
It was fun and sweaty, we were eating our beards, we were undressing while running, jumping on touristic trains, taking pictures and videos. 
It took a lot of sweat and joy to gain our participation medal and it was definitely worth it! 
Until next year... 
Merry Christmas! Ho! Ho! Ho!   

Αthens full of Santas

Santa likes coffee!! One shot of espresso is always a good idea.
A day to remember
And in the background.. Lycabettus Hill!!

And in the background... the old University!!

No sleigh?? .. we took the train!